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Burlington JavaScript Inaugural Meeting

Office Squared, 77 College St.
Burlington, VT

Lighting Up With Ember.js

Slides & Source Code

Pete Brown In this talk Peter Brown will discuss the philosophy of convention over configuration and how Ember.js capitalizes on this concept. He will talk about the reasons why people tend to be turned off by too much "magic" and why having a steeper learning curve is actually a good thing. He will also show working code examples demonstrating the power of Ember.js. That, and pictures of cats.

Peter is a partner and developer at Agilion in Burlington, Vermont. He co-founded both the Burlington Web Application Group and the Burlington Ruby Group, and co-organizes the annual Burlington Ruby Conference.

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Ian Metcalf on Paper.js

Source Code

Ian Metcalf Ian will talk about how to build a presentation application using Paper.js and Backbone.js.

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